Iain Patterson


I have always been a believer in the SNP and of Scottish independence.

As part of the SNP Council Group I have canvassed and leafleted for the party at the referendum in all recent elections along with our MP Brendan O'Hara and our MSP Michael Russell,
I will work relentlessly to maintain a strong SNP presence in Lomond North to mitigate the cuts made by both the Westminster Government and the LibDem, Conservative and Independent factions who make up the Administration of Argyll and bute Council . I strongly believe in an Independent Scotland taking its place as a sovereign Nation in the European Union.



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It's because of my strong local roots, and commitment to Lomond North that I enjoy being your SNP councillor in Argyll and Bute Council.

I firmly believe that it's important to put something back into my community that's why for eight years I served as a retained fire fighter.

I also volunteer with 
the Arrochar Mountain Rescue Team.

My business provides outdoor activity opportunities for people with learning difficulties and, or mental health issues.

My family have farmed around Arrochar for many years, and it's where my wife and I chose to live, raise our family, and  establish a business.

There is nowhere else in Argyll & Bute I'd want to represent than Lomond North. This is my home, where I was born, and grew up.

With business, and emergency rescue experience, I have the experience of making the right decision under pressure and working quickly and efficiently with my colleagues.

Whilst remaining mindful of the feelings and sensitivities of others, I remain fully committed to representing my constituents to the best of my ability.

                                                                                                                                                                        Iain Shonny Paterson





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Cllr.Iain Shonny Paterson,

Argyll and Bute Council,



Argyll, PA31 8RT